Sheena of the jungle nude scene

Anyway, Pre-Teen Sheena is progressing in her training. Not before he has a flashback to Unnamed Prince giving him said capsules, though. But Tanya Roberts has two nude scenes where buns and breasts are visible…and one of them is pretty lengthy. Following is a less than pulse-pounding montage of Sheena and Vic and Marika the Hebra crossing the veldt. This after all of them had raised their brows upon hearing a roaring elephant. Laying the child aside, Mom examines a photo Dad took a few weeks earlier. The last I heard she was doing informercials for Las Vegas Resorts.

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Then Jorgenson sees Our Heroes and opens fire — while his numerous armed men just stand there.

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Sheena: Queen of the Jungle (1955-present) Nude Scenes

Then Young Sheena capers with monkeys on some kind of jungle vine playground apparatus that sort of works like a seesaw. Her hebra, meanwhile, is munching some grass nearby. If they leave… Sheena runs off to investigate the Monkey Alert. Mom and Dad watch all this with some apprehension. This is largely due to an entire series of bad special effects used here. By the time they catch up with her, the shaman is now dead. Vic dismounts Marika, Sheena climbs aboard.

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sheena of the jungle nude scene
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